Ways to Control Air Leaks in Data Centers

Ways to Control Air Leaks in Data Centers and Server Racks

When you’re setting up and designing a data center enclosure, part of the reason you’re doing so is to reduce air leaks and preserve a certain temperature within the enclosure. Air leaks are what happens when there is open, unfilled space between servers, cabinets, and entryways—filling these spaces saves you money in energy costs, as they control air flow patterns and prevent the air inside the enclosure from getting too hot or too cold. There are a few different methods for controlling air leaks inside your data center or server rack arrangement. If you’ve been dealing with air leaks, now’s the time to hunker down and figure out the best ways to combat them with air sealing products from FabraCraft.

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Air Containment Cubes

data center airflow containment cubes

Air containment cubes are three-dimensional cubes, filled with foam and wrapped in heavy vinyl. They create soft barriers, but when compressed, they fit tightly into gaps to block air leaks around the sides, top and bottom of any openings where blanking panels are not used. They are also good for odd-sized or shaped openings, as they can be compressed to fit a precise space.

Blanking Panels

block air flow under server racks

Blanking panels are used to fill gaps or spaces between server racks, in order to achieve air containment. Blanking panels block the air flow between servers in the cabinet and under the cabinets, where air can escape. Closing these spaces off provides savings on energy costs and greater efficiencies for server units. Blanking panels come in a variety of sizes are used to complete an airtight enclosure in and around server racks.

Brush Grommets

brush grommet options for data center air flow optimization

Brush grommets can either be square, rectangular, or round. They are used to prevent air leakage for electronic cables that are in an area that manages several server units. The cables are put through the openings, and brushes help contain the air flow through the outlet. Various sizes are available, so you can customize this to your location’s specific needs.

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