What are Panel Systems, and How Can They Help You?

data center enclosures for hot / cold air containmentIf your facility has a data center, you know the importance of things like managing airflow, maintaining a consistent temperature, and protecting the equipment that’s being used. Data center enclosures are an effective method for doing all of these things, and are offered in a few different configurations to help meet the needs of a variety of businesses and locations. At FabraCraft, we offer both softwall panels as well as rigid panels to protect your data center—both considered panel systems.

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Benefits of Using a Panel System

One of the main benefits of data center panel systems is that they are flexible with regards to their design and can be installed to fit virtually any space you need them to. Data Center panels are constructed to be the walls of an air containment enclosure that are hung from ceiling-mounted brackets to the floor, as well as from the ceiling mount to the top of the server racks. They are convenient and customizable, and provide an effective way to manage a data center enclosure.

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Types of Panel Systems

There are a few different options to choose from when implementing a panel system for a data center. Strip systems are the most cost effective option, allowing you to create a partition system for hot or cold aisle containment. Each strip is attached independently to a channel bracket system, which means if you ever have to replace a section of the enclosure, it can be done quickly and easily. Data center strip curtains are anti-static, fire resistant, and have beveled edges that fall back into place after entering or exiting the room.

Soft wall panels are clear, heavyweight vinyl curtains, which can be easily configured to unusual sizes or shapes. Because they are a flexible material, they are easily customizable to any design and layout of a data center enclosure in your facility. They offer a convenient wall-like barrier to control airflow patterns within the data center, and are available in clear as well as light reducing or blocking colors.

Rigid panels in data centers are used when a more permanent enclosure is necessary—typically with larger spaces. These panels are made of polycarbonite and are clear, offering a durable and clean-looking option for data center aisle containment. These offer the most airtight enclosure option, constructed of a plexiglass encased rigid aluminum frame system that can be attached via brackets to the ceiling or, if that’s not possible, to the server cabinets. There are three mounting options—a T bar mount for structural ceilings, suspension brackets, or an angle bracket attachment to server racks or server cabinets.

Why Use Them?

Panel systems for data center enclosures offer a convenient way to not only control airflow and maintain temperature zones for energy efficiency, but also to extend the life of your equipment. Using panel systems offers you the opportunity to install a non-permanent option for optimizing and containing air flow and temperature in your data centers. To learn more about them, contact FabraCraft today.

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