What Kind of Data Center Door is Best for Your Enclosure?

data center enclosures for hot / cold air containment

If your facility has a data center enclosure, you know that one of the specific functions of it is to manage air flow patterns, maintain a constant temperature, and foster the proper environment for equipment. For this to happen, server aisle containment is necessary, and to do that, you’ll need data center doors to ensure the data center functions as efficiently as it can. At FabraCraft, we offer a few different types of data center doors for proper air containment, and which one is best for your need is dependent on a few different factors.

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What to Consider When Choosing Data Center Doors

A variety of contributing factors will help you determine what type of doors are best for your locations. Things like the size of the data center enclosure/server room will have an impact on which doors will be most effective for your needs. You’ll also want to consider the level of accessibility you want—for instance, strip doors will offer the easiest way to get into the enclosure, while hinged doors offer a bit more security. Depending on the level of security and accessibility you want, you’ll be able to make a decision that factors that in. You will also want to decide whether you want the enclosure completely sealed off or if you prefer a less restrictive door option. You’ll need to assess the potential of mounting and installation requirements as well, since the different doors have different specifications for installing. Whether the data center/enclosure is a permanent fixture in your facility—or if it is a modular setup—will also make a difference when choosing doors.

Types of Doors Available

data center strip doorFabraCraft fabricates three main types of doors: strip doors, sliding doors and hinge doors. Strip doors are used to close off air containment aisles, but they allow for very easy access into the data enclosure. They are made of smooth or ribbed vinyl, with anti-static properties and beveled edges to provide a smooth layer transition after walking through. They are available in clear as well as other colors, and can be cut on-site to fit perfectly. They are easy to install and remove, and are compliant with national and local fire codes.

Sliding Data Center DoorSliding doors are used in situations where closing off an area for air flow containment is required, while providing easy entry/exit. They are frame mounted and designed to attach easily to server racks and floors. They’re constructed from polycarbonate sheets on an aluminum channel frame and feature a single handle on each side. Typically, these are used in higher traffic situations.


Hinged Data Center DoorFinally, hinged doors offer a bit more permanence and are ideal for optimal air flow containment and temperature control. Hinge doors in a data center provide a durable and convenient option that opens into or away from the server aisles. Hinge doors provide air tight containment and are custom-built in sizes to fit perfectly in any size data center enclosure installed in your facility.

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