Which Panel System is Right for My Data Center?

Affordable data center temperature control panel systemsWhen you install a data center, you’re investing in an expensive and valuable system. To keep your center running as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to enact some sort of air flow management system to keep your data center aisles at the right temperature. Luckily, you can choose from a variety of panel systems to keep your center running smoothly. Because all data centers are designed for specific room structures, you’ll need panels that can fit your air flow planning needs. See which panel structure could work best for your company’s data center:

Strip Panels

Best for: Air flow planning on a budget

For businesses trying to manage their air flow on a budget, strip panel systems are an ideal solution. Designed for both cold and hot aisle containment systems, these custom-cut panels keep a data center at its optimal temperature. To install these strip panels, you can measure from the ceiling to the floor to first determine how long the panels should be.  You can then have these strips put in place to keep the air surrounding your data centers at the temperature you require. Even though these panels are cost-efficient, they have the same durable quality as more expensive options. Designed from heavy-duty PVC strips, strip panels can endure wear-and-tear and are static and fire resistant, making them a top choice for hot and cold aisle containment.

Soft Wall Panels

Best for: Customized air seals

When you need to create an effective barrier around your data center for exact air flow planning, you may want to consider soft wall curtain panels. Air flow containment companies construct these panels with beveled vinyl edges for an increased protection against damage, static discharge and contaminants.

To install these panels, you’ll need exact measurements, as their materials work best when they are fit for an air-tight seal. Installers will cut these panels on site, providing you with the precision your air flow management system needs.

Rigid Wall Panels

Best for: Long-term use

After installing or expanding a data center, you already know you’ve made an investment. If you’ve installed the center in a location you know you will be using for years to come, you might want to consider rigid panels to properly contain the right temperature of the air surrounding the center. Rigid wall panels create the same air-tight seals that strip panels and soft wall panels provide, but air flow managers designed these for long-term use in a consistent location. These wall panels, which are constructed of an aluminum frame and Plexiglass, can be mounted onto the server racks with a track system or a supported track, giving your data center the air flow security it needs for the feature.

Several data center enclosure options are available, each with a different benefit for the unique needs of your server room layout. Experienced data center curtain manufacturers can assist with the selection of the best curtain enclosures for the air flow management in your space.

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