Electrostatic Discharge Curtains for Your Data Center Design

Electrostatic Discharge Curtains for Your Data Center Design

Your data center could be susceptible to a variety of damages, including electrostatic discharge (ESD). However, you can prevent the likelihood of this from occurring with ESD curtains. See how these curtains can better equip your data center design for preventing electrostatic from accumulating.

What is electrostatic discharge?

Electrostatic discharge occurs when a buildup of positive / negative charge builds up and drains off objects. These objects give off a charge that often creates an electric spark.

People moving about the center, poor connections, improper grounding, a dielectric breakdown, an electric short or other factors could cause the discharge. If this spark occurs near electronic equipment, such as in server aisles or, in or around the racks that hold servers, the results can be harmful. High powered, expensive servers and other equipment could become permanently damaged even with smaller voltages of electrostatic discharge.

What are ESD curtains?

ESD strip curtains utilize an anti-static clear vinyl material that drains off excess positive or negative charges. ESD curtains are commonly used in ‘clean rooms’, where working with microelectronics semiconductors, and other electronic type production processes are sensitive to electricity.

ESD are soft, semi-flexible curtain panels and strip doors that are used for air flow management and esthetically pleasing data center designs. The soft wall panels are comprised of a fire-resistant vinyl material, usually in .020″ or .040″ thick options. ESD strip doors are available in .080″  and .120″ strips in customizable widths and lengths for your specific doorway. Both options work to limit air flow and provide sealing options that create an air-tight seal around the server racks and any walls to prevent any contaminants from entering, or conditioned air to leak out. To fit your unique air flow management set up, you can order curtains customized to your specific dimensions and air flow requirements.

Why are ESD curtains important for air flow management?

An electrical discharge could damage critical components of your data center. However, these charges may not be noticeable from day to day since they could build up over time. As this electric current grows, it could pose a serious threat to your servers. To fully protect your data center, you will need to use ESD curtains that can provide high levels of static build up resistance. Because these curtains can help to prevent servers from experiencing any large damages, they are ultimately another cost-saving measure for your data center. It is best to make sure your ESD curtains are composed of antistatic components that are designed to last for an extended period of time.
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